Jetty and Eclipse Integration in 3 Steps

14 Jun 2012
1 min read

This tutorial will walk you through out how to integrate Jetty and Eclipse and how to run a web application on Jetty server inside Eclipse.


  1. Install Jetty Eclipse plugin
  2. Create web application
  3. Run web application

Installing Jetty Eclipse Plugin

Creating a Web Application

When you restart Eclipse, got o Project Explorer view or the New menu and click on New -> Dynamic Web Project:

Configure the Project, create a name for it and click on Next:

Click on Next:

Configure the Web Module:

And the project is created. Create also a index.html file. The project structure should look like this:

Running the Web Application

Select the application you want to run on Jetty.

Click on the Run button -> Run Configurations.

Configure your app on Jetty as shown in the picture bellow and click on Run:

Wait for the server to start. You should get something like the following on your log:

Open a browser and test the application!

Happy Coding!