ExtJS 4 + Sencha Architect 2: Basic Array Grid Example (using ActionColumn)

29 Jun 2012
1 min read

Hi everyone,

After I started a thread on the Sencha Forum to post my ExtJS 4 MVC Examples, someone gave me the idea to port the ExtJS 4 Sencha Examples to Sencha Architect 2 as well. This way it is easier for beginners to learn how to use the tool and also learn about the new MVC architecture. So starting today, I am going to port all the ExtJS 4 examples to Sencha Architect 2 using the MVC architecture. Along the way, I will also wirte a few articles teaching some tricks of how to handle some situations in ExtJS 4 and Sencha Architect 2.

I am planing to port all the grid examples first, but please let me know if there is any example in particular that I can help you with.

Following is the screenshot of the output:

Source code available on GitHub

Happy coding!